Download the #1 app for Vending Machine Location Leads, Routes, and Business Resources

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Download the #1 app for Vending Machine Location Leads, Routes, and Business Resources

Looking for local vending business resources in your area? Use our app to find out where to buy vending machines, products, and available locations. In-addition, also find repair men and whole routes for sale in your area.

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About us

Hello! We are The Vendlist.The vending machine industry #1 trusted resource and opportunity community. In our Vendlist Community you can find local resources such as distributors that sell machines, repair techs, movers, product suppliers, and more. Through our community you can also take advantage of local opportunities by purchasing one of the many location leads uploaded to our app, from one of our many trusted vending machine locators who list locations daily nationwide. Whenever a new opportunity is uploaded to your state you will receive a push notification directly to your phone.

At that moment you can read the description of the location and contact the seller if you wish to purchase the location. Some of these locations the deal is closed for you before you even walk in the door and other you must close the deal yourself. We provide member services in our community to help guide you though any deals, helping you gain confidence before meeting to close deals.

The major benefit of our app is that our members have a huge advantage over their competition, not only do they have access to local resources that others might not know exist, but they also can expand much faster by being notified when new opportunities on the daily basis.

What is in the app?

Our Vendlist community gets exclusive access to local vending machine sellers, vending location leads, wholesale product suppliers, vending repair techs, vending movers, custom vending wrapping. These resources are available nationwide, simply search your state or a nearby state once logged in.
Vending Machine Seller

Finding vending machines for your locations is not always easy. Buying them from online resources can sometimes be challenging. With our app you can find local companies in your state or nearby states that sell vending machines that come with warranties and often help setting them up.

Vending Repair Techs

It happens, vending machines need to be repaired from time to time in-order for them to operate correctly. When this time comes our company members are prepared because we list available repair techs for every state.

Vending Product Wholesaler

Providing and having access to the right products are critical to maximize your vending sells. That is why we provide numerous wholesalers where our community members can purchase the right products for their business.

Available Location Leads

When it comes to finding locations for your vending machines it is not an easy task for new or seasoned business owners. We list hundreds of exclusive location leads nationwide every single month that our community members can purchase and take advantage of.

Vending Machine Movers

When it comes to moving vending machines have the right equipment and knowledge can make it a breeze. Getting it do right can save you money, sweat, and headaches. That is why we also provide our community members with professional movers that can help can the job done with ease.

Vending Machine Custom Wraps

Want your machine wrapped? We provide information to companies that can get it done in multiple cities and states.